The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Earlier this year we published our list of top five electronic cigarette brands for 2013. However, because we’re always trying new products, there is always plenty of room for additions. Thus, we bring you More of the Best E-Cigarettes in plenty of time for the coming shopping season.

We’ve already tested and reviewed a long list of popular choices including Apollo, Blu Cigs, NJOY, and Joyetech. Now we have six more brands we recommend to our readers:

  1. Premium Vapes
  2. South Beach Smoke
  3. Vaporin
  4. Vapage
  5. Smoke Stik
  6. Ever Smoke

We know every vaper is different, so we recommend trying disposable e-cigarettes while you’re searching for a brand you can call your own. Once you find a disposable you like, you can then invest in a starter kit with full confidence.

All that said, let’s look at each of our six additional brands in more detail:

Premium Vapes

Premium Vapes has been featured on CNN, ABC News, and FOX News as well as in well-respected newspapers like the Guardian and the New York Times. They offer:

  • a variety of models, including EGO Products, electronic cigars, and electronic pipes
  • dozens of colored and customize batteries to choose from
  • a full line of vinyl cartomiser skins to give your e-cig some character
  • a variety of flavors, including tobacco, menthol, orange, vanilla, cherry, and more.

Their Website –

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke was among the first companies in the U.S. offering e-cig products. Their brand has stood the test of time because of their excellent quality. South Beach offers you:

  • VaporFloTM technology for a full, flavorful vapor cloud
  • a silicone tip to prevent e-liquid leakage
  • Super Max rechargeable batteries – standard & high-capacity
  • 30-day money-back guarantee; lifetime warranty (Home Delivery Program members).

Their Website –


If you want to go beyond just the basic “classic” style e-cigarette, Vaporin might be just what you’re looking for. They carry both the classics and newer, more stylish e-cigarettes vapers have come to love. You’ll also enjoy:

  • high-volume vapor cloud
  • 250+ puffs per cartridge
  • 11 bold flavors to choose from
  • free shipping and a one-year warranty.

Their Website –


You may not have heard of Vapage before, but they are retailers of premium e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. They have everything you need, from classic models to commercial mods to more than 25 different liquid flavors. Vapage also offers:

  • direct from manufacturer purchasing
  • both classics and mods
  • extremely high quality
  • dozens of rechargeable disposable models to choose from.

Their Website –

Smoke Stik

Smoke Stik is one of those companies that just quietly gets it done. No flashy TV ads; no celebrity endorsements; just high-quality e-cigarettes their customers love. Smoke Stik is worth a try if you are looking for:

  • 8 different starter kit choices
  • 2 disposable products, including one with no nicotine
  • 12 different flavors including their popular vanilla and menthol options
  • free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Their Website –

Ever Smoke

If you’ve been around e-cigs for a while, you are probably familiar with the Ever Smoke name. They are a company known for providing a quality vaping experience every time. When you purchase Ever Smoke, you’ll enjoy:

  • a full-bodied and flavorful vapor cloud
  • 10 different flavors – enjoy a sampler pack to try each one
  • silicone tip to prevent leakage
  • five different starter kit options; three disposable options.

Their Website –

Of these six, which is the best? That depends on your preferences and tastes. Feel free to try each one before you make a choice!

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