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Great Ways to Enjoy Your E-Cigarette

Now that electronic cigarettes represent a $1 billion industry in the United States, it’s pretty safe to say these are not fad products destined to fade away like so many others. In fact, an entire culture has evolved around e-cigarette use (also known as “vaping”) to the extent that many now consider it a lifestyle.

If you are new to vaping, you may be just getting your feet wet in terms of the cultural aspects. We’d like to introduce you to some of them by giving you some great ways to you enjoy your e-cigarette above and beyond just getting a quick vape on your lunch break or after your dinner meal. By taking the time to enjoy vaping to its fullest, you will also be experiencing the rich lifestyle that comes with it.

  • Vaping Lounges – In major cities and mid-sized towns around the country vaping lounges are popping up along Main Street and in popular shopping centers. These lounges cater to the vaping lifestyle by offering a place where vapers can get together in a comfortable setting. In most lounges, you can sample new liquids, try newly released models, and simply sit around and talk while you enjoy your favorite e-cig and a beverage.
  • Vaping in Bars – Although there are a number of municipalities currently looking to ban e-cigarettes in public places, most county and local tobacco bans do not include e-cigarettes. So for now, it is perfectly legal in most places to use your personal vaporizer at your local watering hole. It is nice for vapers to be able to continue socializing with friends inside rather than having to step out for a smoke.
  • Vaping at Home – One of the things we like to recommend to customers is to set aside some dedicated time to vape at home. Rather than simply treat your e-cigarette the same way you did tobacco, make the effort to make it something special. Vapers can bring back traditional practices like enjoying an after dinner vape with a glass of brandy, vaping in the comfort and warmth of a luxurious vaping jacket, and so on.
  • Vaping with Different Flavors – Vaping has many advantages over smoking, not the least of which is the many different flavors. Traditional cigarettes mostly all taste the same. However, with e-cigarettes, there are dozens of different flavors ranging from fruits to chocolate confections to coffees. Trying new flavors is one of the easiest things you can do to add quality to the vaping experience.

The electronic cigarette offers more than just a viable substitute for tobacco. It offers an entirely new experience meant to be enjoyed to its fullest. We encourage vapers all across the country to take the time to enjoy all the pleasures of vaping. Along the way you will get to experience some great products, meet new friends, and bring back some of what used to exist before tobacco became public enemy number one.

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