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There Is a Point behind the E-Cig

You may have noticed that Premium Vapes carries both a disposable and rechargeable e-cigar. If you are a traditional cigar smoker you may also be wondering, “What’s the point?” We would like to answer that question by taking a few moments to explain the idea behind the e-cigar and at whom it is marketed.

Traditional cigar smokers tend to be different from cigarette users in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is a generally accepted rule that smokers do not inhale cigar smoke for the benefits derived from nicotine. Rather, cigar smoking is about flavor and aroma. It is about the experience. To know more about E-cigarette and its accessories visit Revenger X starter kits.

That said, traditional cigar smokers are reluctant to consider e-cigars due to the perception that the aroma and flavor will not be the same. That, in turn, leads them to wonder what the point of the electronic-cigar is.


An Alternative to Smoking

Understanding the point of the e-cigar starts with understanding it is an alternative to smoking. Despite the fact that traditional tobacco cigars are well loved for their aroma and flavor, they still put off smoke. That smoke can be inhaled by others. It is also passively inhaled by the smokers themselves because of it filling the room.

Cigar smokers looking to enjoy a similar experience without the resulting smoke are prime candidates for the e-cigar. A good quality e-cigar offers them the opportunity to continue enjoying their pleasure while eliminating the smoke associated with it.

A Different Experience

In fairness, we must say that smoking an e-cigar is a different experience altogether. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily one that is any less desirable than using tobacco. For countless numbers of vapers it is a unique experience well worth trying if you are still using tobacco.

As e-cigar technology moves forward, the experience is also becoming more realistic in terms of flavor and aroma. The key with the e-cigar is to purchase a liquid that replicates what you are used to with tobacco. In addition, using higher voltage batteries and atomizers give the vaper a much more intense flavor and aroma experience. With a little practice, e-cigar users can enjoy a more than adequate substitute for burning tobacco.

Give It a Try

The beauty of the e-cigarette industry is that it is all about individual choice. Those of us involved in retail distribution know tobacco users are under constant attack everywhere they go. Governments, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations are all subverting the ability of smokers to exercise their freedom. E-cigarettes and e-cigars give some of that freedom back by providing a smokeless alternative.

If you are a traditional cigar smoker, we encourage you to give the e-cigar a try. Disposable e-cigars are very affordable and offer the opportunity to see what vaping is all about before you invest further. If you decide you like the experience, you can continue with disposables or purchase a rechargeable e-cigar. If you decide vaping is not for you, you are free to continue using tobacco.

What do you have to lose?

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