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Weaning Yourself of Nicotine with E-Cigarettes

As an e-cigarette distributor, we cannot claim our products are effective for smoking cessation. To date there is not enough clinical evidence to suggest such claims are true on a large scale. Nonetheless, that does not change the fact that countless numbers of former smokers have testified on Internet forums that e-cigarettes helped them quit tobacco.

Whether or not the individual smoker succeeds in quitting tobacco habit is really up to his particular circumstances and his willpower. However, for some, e-cigarettes have provided a way to both quit the tobacco habit and wean themselves off nicotine. Liquid cartridges of varying nicotine levels are at the heart of that process.

Electronic Cigarettes

Purchasing Nicotine Liquid

When you purchase bottled liquid or liquid cartridges for your electronic cigarette, the distributor requires you to choose the nicotine strength. That’s because there are a variety of strength ranging from 24 mg to 0 mg. Premium Vapes offers the following choices:

  • 24 mg – for heavy, full flavored smokers
  • 15 mg – intended for the light cigarette smoker
  • 11 mg – for smokers that fall between the “casual” and “light” categories
  • 6 mg – for casual or social smokers who only use tobacco on a limited basis
  • 0 mg – aimed at smokers who have weaned themselves from nicotine completely

The beauty of the various nicotine levels in that it provides a pathway for those who want to attempt self-weaning. There is no guarantees of success, of course, but by gradually reducing nicotine intake, it is possible for some smokers to get down to 0 mg. Just to let you know, the industry sells quite a bit of 0 mg liquid to the vaping community.

Continuing with 0 Mg Liquid

The availability of 0 mg liquid leads to the obvious question of why vapors would continue using e-cigarettes after breaking the nicotine addiction. The answer is actually quite simple: vaping is a very pleasurable experience that many users do not want to give up. Not only that, the cigarette habit is about more than just nicotine.

Research has shown that tobacco users addicted to smoking crave the social experience and the hand-to-mouth exercise just as much as nicotine. But it’s probably safe to say no one would argue these two components are dangerous to human health. E-cigarettes offer both without tobacco smoke and, in the case of the 0 mg liquid, without nicotine as well.

Obviously, attempting to use electronic cigarettes to wean yourself of nicotine is something you should talk to your doctor about before getting started. The fact that some people have found success does not mean everyone will. It is inappropriate to use others experiences as a guarantee that all people will react to electronic cigarettes the same way.

Should you decide to wean yourself of nicotine with an e-cigarette, Premium Vapes has everything you need. We offer several different models of e-cigarettes plus liquid cartridges in varying strengths and flavors, replacement batteries and atomizers, and plenty of accessories. We would be happy to be part of your journey. For additional information, you may want to use migvapor dry herb pens to take your vaping experience to the next level.

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